June 14th, 2011
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<i>The Gayle King Show</i>
June 12, 2011
The Gayle King Show
Rolling Stone has called him “a giant among entertainers.” He’s sold more than 80 million records. And Gayle loves him! It’s the one and only Barry Manilow, and Tuesday he’s releasing 15 Minutes, his first original album in 10 years. He joins Gayle in studio, Tuesday on The Gayle King Show.

<i>Oprah's Soul Series</i>

Oprah’s Soul Series
Do you ever feel like you’re sleepwalking through life? Jonas Elrod was an average, ordinary guy until, one day, something very strange happened to him. He started seeing spirits, and they started communicating with him. His story was captured in the provocative documentary Wake Up. Jonas shares how he “woke up” Monday on Oprah’s Soul Series.
More about the documentary Wake Up »

<i>The Dr. Oz Show</i>

The Dr. Oz Show
For 25 years, Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione have been traveling the world as a husband-wife team, helping people find peace in their hearts and minds, and helping others change their attitudes for the better. Tune in Thursday as Dr. Oz talks with Gerald and Diane about their work that they call “attitudinal healing”. By changing the way you see and speak to other people, Diane and Gerald say, you can begin finding happiness you never knew existed.
Attitudinal healing »


The Dr. Laura Berman Show
Continuing the conversation to end violence against women, Dr. Berman is talking to Ted Bunch. He is leading a movement that calls on men to join together to be part of the solution. As always, you’re encouraged to join the discussion. Call in to the live show at 866-OPRAH-XM.
Stop violence against women »


The Lisa Oz Show
If the everyday responsibilities of your life are weighing you down, take a break and tune in to The Lisa Oz Show. First, Dr. Susan Lord explains how to diminish stress through meditation and creative practices. Then, Lisa discusses shape-shifting with John Perkins, author of Shapeshifting: Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation. Find out what that’s all about and more!
How to remove obstacles to your happiness »

Catch Up on Last Week’s Derrick Ashong Experience
Here’s a recap of The Derrick Ashong Experiencelast week.

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